What is an SEO Friendly Website and Why Do You Need One?

What is an SEO Friendly Website and Why Do You Need One
June 1, 2022 0 Comments

What is SEO-friendly website design? The right website design can pay off for you over time. This type of website design in Riyadh requires minimal maintenance and helps you grow your business with minimal monthly expenditures. After reading their Google map results, almost eighty percent of mobile searchers call or visit a local business. And it’s worth it – 88% of people who search for local businesses on their phones also call the business themselves.

Page loading speed:

The page loading speed of an SEO-friendly website is one of the most important factors that Google considers in its ranking algorithm. Studies show that pages that take longer to load negatively impact the user experience, conversion rates, and bottom-line results. Approximately 52% of online shoppers consider page speed very important, and a fast website will increase user satisfaction. Google’s research shows that slow-loading websites result in higher bounce rates. To ensure that your site is mobile-friendly, keep your page loading time under three seconds.

Internal linking:

A good internal link can help web visitors find content relevant to their needs. In other words, internal linking helps the site flow. In the case of a site primarily dedicated to selling products, internal linking can help increase conversions. It’s essential to remember that internal links should lead to related content, so they should make the site navigation easy and intuitive.

Meta description:

Your website’s Meta description can make or break your presence in the search engines. It should be user-friendly and should include words that describe the value of your product or service. Include a call to action if possible. Choose the length, phrasing, and placement of keywords carefully, as it will affect your website’s click-through rate. You can test various variations to find the right combination. You can also test different words and phrases to optimize your Meta description for a particular page.


Mobile-friendliness is one of the most important factors for a search-engine-optimized website. With more people using their smartphones to search the web, Google has made it a top-ranking factor. Mobile-friendly websites are viewed at a higher rate than desktop websites, leading to higher search rankings without any other optimization. Mobile-friendly websites also tend to attract more visitors and generate double the traffic of desktop-optimized sites.