We have all struggled with teeth whitening at some point in our lives which then leads us to different teeth whitening techniques. Well, before you move on to different whitening methods, here are some facts related to it, which will help you make a smart decision in whitening teeth:

  • Teeth absorb colour

The staining of teeth does not happen easily the way you think it does. Staining happens because of the pores in your teeth which are just like sponges or blackheads that absorb the little particles of colour that stay there unless you actively try to remove it. This is how teeth whitening works where it makes its way into the pores and gently pushes out the stains.

  • Teeth whitening does NOT damage teeth

There are a hundred different things which can damage your teeth like alcohol, aggressive brushing or no brushing at all but teeth whitening gels or toothpastes are not one of them. If you consult best dentist in Dubai and work choose their recommended brands and formula you will never be facing any teeth damage.

  • Tooth sensitivity after choosing teeth whitening is normal

Most of the people have sensitive tooth naturally which can be enhanced with whitening gels or toothpastes. The reason behind this is the fact that whitening mediums leave your teeth dehydrated which doesn’t allow them much rigidity. This should die down after a while if you stay in contact with your dentist about the situation.

  • Laser or UV light whitening is not the option

Laser light whitening is something which is considered highly by a lot of people but there are several options it is not the perfect one for everyone. People with sensitive teeth should not go for such treatment as it can enhance the feel and other than that, laser light whitening does not having a long lasting effect which brings you back to square one. Different gels and UV devices marketed are not the best ones as it is a plainly blue light.

  • Nothing can whiten teeth overnight

It is chemically impossible to whiten teeth over night and if some brand claims that they can do it, just know that they are frauds. Whitening process takes a course of days to complete and if these products could do it overnight then all of the dentists would not be present there in the clinic. Visit for further details.