In this world there are numerous people who are bed ridden and cannot do any of their work by themselves due to their medical condition. For these people doctors suggest that they stay at their home with their loved ones because in hospitals they will become more sick while watching ill people all around also the amount which the attendants have to pay will be more than they can afford if the patient stay in the hospital for long. If someone is going through this situation then their family will take them to home and get a private nurse in Dubai for them. You can get the contact of nurse from the same hospital or you can get them from any other reliable source but you need to check few things in your nurse before appointing her. To know about those necessary things you need to see this website or check below:

Vitals: The first and main thing is that your hired nurse should be responsible and know about checking the vital several times a day and keep track of them. If vitals are stable for few days or a week then she needs to check them once a day.

Medication: She should be known about the medications which the patient needs thrice a day. If in any visit doctor changes the medicines then it is the responsibility of the nurse to take care of the signs of reaction. If she gets any slightest hint that the medicine is reacting then she should act immediately without any delay.

Equipment: If there is a need of using equipment for the patient then you should hire a nurse who knows about that particular equipment and how to handle that. If the nurse is not experienced then you should not hire because you will not get the purpose of hiring in that case. You can take care of the patient yourself instead of hiring an inexperienced nurse.

First aid: Every patient needs some different kind of care but there are some emergency rules that apply to almost every patient like providing CRP and first aid. When you are hiring a nurse then you need to see in her resume that whether she knows about all basic emergency tools and if she has already gone through any such situation then it will be a plus.