According to a recent survey, there are about 470,000 new job openings in Canada. The Canadian government is introducing immigrants with friendly programs to fill this gap.

Why choose Canada for immigration?

If you are considering moving to a new country for better opportunities, Canada might be a good option for the following reasons:

  • Immigration friendly policies.
  • Ample Job opportunities.
  • 06-month citizenship qualification.
  • Immigrant family reunification aid.
  • 68+ immigration streams.
  • 13 different provinces with variable cultures

How to do you research about immigration?

Before making such an important decision, it is highly recommended to do your research. When it comes to Canada immigration Qatar, you have to consider the following factors for making an informed choice:

  • Climate and culture.
  • Suitable immigration category.
  • Basic education requirements.
  • Medical clearance.
  • Language examination.
  • Police clearance.
  • Available job opportunities.
  • Educational Credential Assessment (ECA).
  • Important immigration documentation.

What are the most critical factors to consider for the immigration process?

Immigration is a big step but if you are well prepared and well informed, it will save you from a lot of difficulties. Here are some of the important factors to consider before applying from Qatar:

Immigration stream or category:

There are 70 different immigration streams and categories. Choose the one that matches your work background and educational history. Visit the Canadian Embassy or a certified Visa consultancy firm to help you enroll in a program that is most suitable for you. There are immigration programs for IT professionals, medical staff, engineers, and skilled laborers, for Canada as well as for US visa application Qatar.

Medical Clearance:

Getting medical clearance is an important factor in the immigration process. Contact the Canadian embassy to get a list of authorized medical consultants from Canadian Panel of Physicians.

Police Clearance:

You can easily obtain a character certificate from any branch of the federal police department for Police clearance. Although, If you have DUIs or any other criminal records that can cause a major problem with the immigration process.

Educational Credential Assessment:

If your educational background is outside of Canada. You will need to enroll in the ECA program, this is to make sure that your education level matches Canadian standards and it is vital for getting better job opportunities after immigration.

Moving to another country is a big step and many things could go wrong. However, If you are well informed and do your research beforehand, it would save you from a lot of confusion and issues. This is the key to have a trouble-free and smooth immigration experience from Qatar.