Construction management in Dubai is a specialist service which utilizes 0many specialized, project-based skills to oversee the whole planning, designing, construction of a new project and inception to its completion. These include scheduling and material procurement, site investigation and site clearing, preparation and pre-construction activities, contract management and site stability and construction estimating.

A typical construction project manager will have completed a degree in business management and will often have additional training in finance and accounting. They will most likely also have undertaken training as an engineer or architect.

The construction manager and architects in Dubai have the power to control the budget of the project by undertaking expenditure controls and rationalizing costs. He can issue contracts for the provision of materials and sub-contract others. In addition to having the responsibility for the budget control of the capital project, he also acts as the owner of the land on which the building will be built.

Role of a Construction Manager: A construction manager’s role is made much easier if he is involved in the pre-planning stages as he is able to provide advice on how to manage the project economically. One of his main roles is making sure the project gets the financial backing it needs from various sources. The construction manager will often liaise with financial institutions to ensure that the capital required meets the needs of the buyer.

Duties of a Construction Manager: When construction workers are being paid, they need somewhere to keep their equipment and tools. This is where the construction project manager plays an important part in the smooth running of the construction site. As he knows all the necessary arrangements to get all equipment and materials to the job site, there is very little time spent arranging storage facilities for equipment.

Responsibilities of a Construction Manager: The construction manager makes sure that all necessary permissions, permits, and contracts for the construction project are complied with. With this knowledge he is in a good position to negotiate for any changes needed that would benefit both the owner and the contractor. He is also in charge of making sure that all construction team members know where to find resources and equipment they need to complete the project. One of the major responsibilities of the construction manager is to ensure that all construction projects within budget and on schedule are completed. They are involved in making sure that the construction project is managed as efficiently as possible. They can work closely with