We are not referring to the business class on an aeroplane. We are talking about the first class, the new academic career of a young student. In simpler times, when schools were not so common, people used to appoint governesses and masters at home for educating their children.

Now that the academic institutions have seen a massive rise in the past few decades, it is easier for parents to enrol their children. Subjects like science have replaced philosophy, and individual attention for the pupils have become non-existent.

The Homework Debate:

In Modern times, children are spending the majority of their days at school. Despite the long educational hours, many schools still burden students with massive amounts of homework. Outdoor activities and extra-curricular are barely hanging on.

The educational institutions in the modern age are preparing children for unrealistic pressure and competition. Every student has a different type of intelligence, but in a crowd, every student is measured by the same standard. Emphasize is not on the excellence of learning but rather on the ranks on a report card. Even primary schools in Qatar are not immune to this segregation.

The Scholarship Marathon:

For facilitators, education is nothing more than a way to earn a profit. In this scenario, the costs of education have become unrealistically high. More than merit, a person is concerned about the worth of a particular educational institution. One is not paying for higher qualification; one is paying for the goodwill.

Students from humble backgrounds barely qualify for scholarships. These scholarships are already a small quota of students, an uneven and unjustified distribution of opportunities. The situation is so bad that parents and children have to go through an aptitude test to enrol in kindergarten schools in Qatar.

What Questions Should We Ask?

In an age when the human race is more aware than ever before, the quality of education is continuously declining. Parents and scholars are not asking the right questions about the future of education. This is because, at our institutions, we are being taught conformity over curiosity.

The current state of affairs is calling for the answers to dire questions regarding the quality of education. Don’t search for answers, learn to question with aptitude first!

  • How the privatization of education has affected the quality of academia?
  • Should quality education be a selective privilege?
  • Students join schools to learn, so why are they required to pass aptitudes to get an admission permit?