The most valued work is not that which is done by the hands, but that which is created in the mind and brought to life. In the 21st century, you are rewarded for being the creative brains behind an idea. You are paid, hired, and known for your ideas, concepts, inventions, innovations, and problem solving skills. People have adapted to the changing demands of the world and spend their time doing jobs that require mental energy. As a result, they no longer have time to clean their homes or cars. Some people observed this need and took up the job to assist office and business workers in maintaining their houses. This has indeed created many job opportunities for the needy, as well as ease and comfort for the office going class.

Why do you need a cleaning service?

A clean and organized environment keeps you positive, focused, and happy. You deserve some time for yourself after a long stressful day, so sip that tea and take a relaxing shower, and let the house cleaning services Abu Dhabi take care of the rest.

You can hire maids to share some of your burden, or a lot actually, because they are trained to provide carpet cleaning service, changing bed linen, baby and pet sitting, and much more.

While the house cleaning service makes our lives a whole lot easier, it’s also important to be aware of our staff’s problems and be empathetic with them. Human Beings are a family and looking out for one another is our responsibility. Remember, what we give to others, comes back to us multiplied. So spread peace and happiness, and we shall receive the same.

Child Labour:

Unfortunately, the poor children are often a target of child labour in this field. Children as young as five years of age are sent to work in other people’s homes. They are deprived of their fundamental human rights, the right to education, and their future is sacrificed to make up for the present. Their minds and hearts carry stories of abuse and neglect, both by the society as well as their parents. Allowing child labour to be practiced in our own homes makes us equally responsible for producing such scarred personalities. Our conscience and empathy should not allow us to hire children for our personal comfort and satisfaction. Let us take care of and be kind to those that we interact with daily, be it family, friends, colleagues, maids, or even strangers.