Top advantages of using a fingerprint attendance system

A fingerprint or biometric attendance system or access control system in UAE is an improved system that has come up to provide innumerable benefits to both employees and employers. And this is the reason why it gained so much popularity in a shorter period. If you’re seeking the Fingerprint attendance tracking system, several of them are there, so you can easily get one for your office premises. Besides, these systems are also available online.

Time-efficient gadgets:

But the main advantage of the fingerprint attendance system installed in the workplace is its use of time-efficient gadgets. It is an intelligent system that not only counts your attendance but stores them electronically and sends an e-mail notification to your employees regarding their work done on a particular day. The best thing about this system is that all employees can log in to their accounts from any part of the world, as long as they have an internet connection. The system will automatically email them their results, concerning the amount of work done for that particular day.

Proof of identity security:

Another major advantage of these fingerprint attendance systems is the proof of identity security. You will never find a thief ready to steal your employee’s certification unless he knows the PIN. These biometric devices are equipped with built-in pin-reading devices. And whenever employees swipe their card readers at the reader, the fingerprint-recognition device verifies the PIN and then processes the fingerprints to verify the authenticity. Only authorized persons will be allowed to enter the premises.

Precise calculation of hours worked:

There are other advantages of fingerprint attendance systems. First of all, they can provide a precise calculation of hours worked, and this calculation is done every day, whether employees are there or not. Second of all, these systems allow tracking of exact time logs.

When employees sign in and out of the system, their signature and their picture are taken using a special scanner. The scanner then transmits the data to a computer. The computer will calculate the exact time when an employee has worked, and the exact amount of time they spent working. Therefore, with a fingerprint attendance system, not only can you monitor how much your employees are working, but you will also be able to monitor their hours, and the number of hours they spent working, and you will be able to monitor exactly how much overtime they are earning.