Gone were the days when people had to do struggle to secure their job to lead a happy life. This is era of modern technology. With the advancement in technology, now it has become easy to earn money by sitting at home. And the best thing is that you can earn same amount of money or sometimes more as that of your job. So why is there need to do job when you can earn money by sitting at home. Home based businesses will also give you freedom from boss. You can do this work according to your time. There will be no limit of timing too.

Therefore, for your convenience we have added some home based business ideas in this article.


You can start teaching as your business. You can start home based tuitions and you can also give tuitions at your home as well. This is the simplest form of business that you will not have to put extra efforts and there will be no risk of loss in this business. You can also take teaching to a next level by giving online lectures to students. So it is best way to utilize your skills.

Social media influencer:

You can also become social media influencer or blogger in Dubai. You can choose any niche according to your interest. You can also contact with brands and companies to promote their products and in return they will pay you commission. But license is required to become social media influencer in Dubai.


You can also start E-commerce by just sitting at home. You will have to purchase products from the distribution set ups and then you will have to build your website. You can also design your website on wix and then you will have to purchase domain. Then you will start selling by sitting at home. You will have to contact with courier companies. You can also take help from social media platforms to grow your business such as Facebook page, Whatsapp groups.

Fashion boutique:

If you can design clothes from yourself then you can sale them online. You will need your targeted audience and you can find it through fb groups and through your personal contacts too. Once you will give them quality product they will become long term customers of yours.